"van Oxymoron"

Podenco Ibicenco

The Sharudas

The Sharudas

D.O.B : 19 october 2015

ch.Rosenhill's Just Joy x ch. Garuda v Oxymoron

5 males , 3 females

Plymouth Roadrunner v Oxymoron: "Tia"lives in the UK with Ben & Rachel Benstead and her aunt Sugar ( Icing Sugar v Oxymoron ) kennel Itibi
Ameco Gremlin v Oxymoron: "Kyiara" lives in NL with fam. Lugtenburg and her aunt Pippa ( Purple Haze v Oxymoron )
Chevy Chevelle v Oxymoron: "Chevelle"lives in Poland with fam.Koz
Mercury Cyclone v Oxymoron: "Chappie"lives very nearby with Henk and Miranda
Delorean v Oxymoron: "Marty"lives with fam.Small in New Zealand kennel Senjabi
Chevrolet Vega v Oxymoron: "Tony" is back in our home
Dodge Charger v Oxymoron: "Käbi" lives in Estonia with Kristiina Tammik
Pontiac Sunbird v Oxymoron: "Sunny" lives in Germany with Jeremy and Barbara