"van Oxymoron"

Podenco Ibicenco

J.CH. Barrongiz Optimus Prime EJS'14
               " Otto " 

Europajugendsieger '14, Fruhjahrjugendsieger '14 , German junior champion DWZRV, German junior champion VDH

8 months on this photo, hard to stack him, he wanted do do a lot of other things instead haha

( ch.Halo v. Oxymoron x ch. Frontrunner's Galletea  )

Breeder:  T.Mathisen, Sweden

D.O.B:  15-06-2013

HEALTH:  eyes clear ( december 2014 )

* Europajugendsieger 2014

* Fruhjahrjugendsieger 2014

* German Junior champion VDH

* German Junior Champion DWZRV

* pointed for dutch junior champion and dutch champion

Cy and Bambi became proud parents of a beautiful litter of 8 puppies on the 15th of june 2013

Bambi chose Cy herself as her partner for this litter, of course they match very well in confirmation, health, characters and lines.

Unfortunately Bambi had to get a C-section and she did not survive it , thank goodness Tinkerbell the great dane became foster mummy for the puppies.

We are happy to have one of these super special puppies of our own Cyclonus in our team. Otto lives with my dear friend Erica who is taking well care of him together with her family.