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2015-2016 ( october -august ):

I am still a lousy updater, but I try to update it now, also if you want to know about future litters etc. You can always send me an email in case I have been lousy in updating again ;-) marianne@vanoxymoron.com

Not much showing or coursing happening at the moment because of other stuff that is keeping us very busy at the moment.

We start with some very bad news:  Unfortunately Paco was hit by a car in 2016 and did not survive, we all miss him, especially Isabel and her family who shared their household with him.

Thank you Isabel and Raief for having Paco with Sancho and taking great care of him.

19 october 2015 our puppies were born out of ch. Rosenhills Just Joy x ch. Garuda v Oxymoron. 5 males and 3 females. All puppies found fantastic homes! more information on this litter on the 70-ies car litter page :-)

In april we went to the CACIB Lingen, where Twinkie became BOB wire junior and BOB wire and was selected with the last 6 for BIS junior, Marty went BOB puppy it was his first show, Astro was BOB and Smitthy BOS and BOB veteran and was also selected for the last 6 for BIS veteran.

In June we went to our sighthoundclub specialty where Twinkie became BOB junior and BOB again, and is now CW 2016, Marty went BOB puppy and Cy BOB veteran + res. best male

July : we had a nice open show of KC Hoogeveen, it was Martys last show be for he went to his new owner in New Zealand! and he went all the way to BIS puppy! Astro became BOB and BIG2, Twinkie was also BOB, BIG and went all the way to BIS4!!

thanks again to all the judges for appreciating our dogs!


Yeah, I am aware that I am a lousy website updater hahaha

all the dogs are doing great, and we have a new addition! her page will be up soon :-) we did some more coursing then the other years so we havent done much shows this year but we had some nice results from the shows we did you can read beneeth:

Astro, Abby and Garuda have their LC licence and Smitthy started her show career as a veteran in NL very well by getting BOB, BIG, BIS5 and BIS veteran at the open show in Hoogeveen. Astro & Garuda became BIS brace at the same show and v. Oxymoron breeder group went all the way to BIS too!!

In Norway we went to the podencospecialty show, there were 16 adult smooth podencos entered and 5 puppies.

Twinkie beated her sister and an older puppy and went BOS puppy, Astro got 1exc. open class, Abby 1exc open class and best female 3 + res. CAC

Smitthy went BOB veteran, best female 4 and BIS2 veteran, but Garuda went all the way to best bitch and is now norwegian champion !

the Cy x Bambi pups from Sweden are doing great too, Lilitha has several show titels and Charly is AKC champion and a daddy already too!

the Cy x Bambi pups in the USA ( yes different mother, dame petname haha ) are doing great as well, 4 of them are very close to gain their AKC champion title and will start their LC career soon too :-)



CACIB Zwolle: first day: Astro BOB CAC CACIB, Otto JCAC + res.CAC ( only astro and otto were entered )

second day: Astro CAC CACIB BOB BIG 4, Garuda CAC CACIB BOS, Abby res. CAC res. CACIB  Otto: very good 

Astro & Garuda also went BIS brace!


Time flies real fast! We had some nice results the last few weeks at shows, but mainly we enjoyed the weather and long walks with the dogs :-)

We also decided which male will have the honour to make puppies with Garuda at the end of this year...check the planned puppies page for more info!

Some results from the past months:

At the Clubwinnershow PACO became BOB and is now CW 2014, Abby became BOS

Otto now is german junior champion DWZRV & VDH! at the CACIB Bremen he also was junior BIG gr.5!

In Rostock CACIB Astro became BOB, Smitthy BOS, Abby res. best bitch and Garuda 2exc.

v. Oxymoron took BIS2 breeders group and to top it all, Astro & Garuda went all the way to BIS brace!


At the Europasieger Dortmund Astro went best male and with that he can add these new titles to his name:

Europasieger 2014, German champion VDH and German Champion DWZRV

Otto did very well as well he is now pointed towards his german VDH junior and german DWZRV junior championships, as well he has gained his first titles:

Europajugendsieger 2014 & Fruhjahsjugendsieger 2014!


Astro took BOS at CACIB Luxembourg and is now Luxembourg & International champion, same story for Garuda but she went BOB too!

Smitthy took res.best female and now also is Luxembourg champion! Abby won her class and is now pointed towards her Lux. championship as well.

Smitthy, Astro & Garuda took res. BIS breedersgroup out of 12! 

We are extremely Proud!!

Paco made his showdebut at the CACIB Groningen, and did very well as he took BOB !

Sancho ( Tellem v Oxymoron ) also made his real showdebut and became res. best male with CACIB, well done Isabel !


December 2013:

* Winnershow Amsterdam 

Astro Winner '13 and BOB and now Dutch Champion!

Garuda res.best female and now Dutch Champion

Abby JW'13 , W'13 and BOS !

Otto BOB puppy

Ilya ( Akhenaten v Oxymoron ) reserve best male

Ilya, Astro & Garuda BIS2 breeder group!!

October 2013:

At the CACIB show Zwolle, Astro got best male CAC CACIB, Garuda res. best female res.CAC and CACIB, Abby BOB JCAC and CAC.

September 2013:

Abby now is German VDH and klub junior champion, as well as Rostock jugendsieger and Rheinlandjugendsieger/

Astro now is RostockSieger and Rheinlandsieger, Garuda too :-) Both gained now enough points for German VDH and German klub champion but they have to wait to complete these titles as they are still too young.

August 2013:

Time still flies, and still working on the website but because of lack of time no new website yet. So here is some news again:

Garuda and Astro both are now Dutch, german klub and german VDH junior champions.

Both also gained all the points they need for Int.Ch but they are still too young.

They also gained their first points towards Luxembourg champion.

Abby started her show career in juniorclass by winning best bitch and BOB youth, so she has her first points towards her dutch junior and adult ch.title as well :-)

Cy and Bambi became proud parents of a beautiful litter of 8 puppies on the 15th of june 2013

Bambi chose Cy herself as her partner for this litter, of course they match very well in confirmation, health, characters and lines.

Unfortunately Bambi had to get a C-section and she did not survive it , thank goodness Tinkerbell the great dane became foster mummy for the puppies.

These puppies are very special and some males are still available for that special right loving home.

The official names of Cy and Bambi are:

Halo v Oxymoron
- NL , DWZRV & VDH champion , NL , DWZRV & VDH junior champion, EJS ’08, JJAS ’08, BDS ’09, W’09 and FCI Centenary Winner
Group placed and res.BIG at the famous Dog of the Yearshow NL. 2009

Frontrunners Galletea 
- INT, SE, NO, FIN , DKchampion , WW’08 , Nordic W- 06 , 07 , 08 and 09 , NO W-07 , SE W-05, 07 & 11
Several group placements and BEST IN SHOW-4th at Stockholm International Dogshow, all breeds 2007.
Counted top 40 at Swedish Showdog of the year 2007, all breeds

Both Cy & Bambis eyes are tested clear.

Link to the puppies album;

For more information contact kennel Barrongiz
Trude Mathisen, Sweden
+46 70 585 94 99

November 2012:

Time flies, and we are still working on the new website, meanwhile I decided to update a bit here, so people know what is going on ;-)

Garuda " Garuda v. Oxymoron " is now German VDH junior champion and German klub junior champion.

Astro " Kinich Janaab Pakal v. Oxymoron"  is now Luxembourg junior champion, Bundesjugendsieger, German VDH Junior champion and German klub champion. Also he gained his first points towards his Dutch Junior champion and Dutch champion title.

On severall shows he was also selected in mainring for BIG. And at the open show in Hoogeveen ( NL ) he took reserve BIS !!

Together they got severall placements in BIS brace, a nice third place in Luxembourg, BIS in Krefeld ( germany ) a third place in Dortmund ( Germany ) BIS Zwolle ( NL )

Solar went BOB and Clubwinner 2012 at the clubshow of our sighthoundclub in the Netherlands, not bad for a veteran ;-) she now also gained her first point towards her dutch veteran championship.

June 2012:

So much has happened that I decided to start over again with this website.

We had to say goodbye to Kalusha and Barry, we had to let Kalusha go in march after she got a brain infarct, she lived almost 11 1/2 years. Only 2 months later came bad news from Sweden, Barry was staying athis breeder for some shows, but suddenly he died, cause not known. He lived for almost 5years, he always lived life the fullest and he did not suffer, but still too young.

Unfortunately one of Smitthies puppies has been put down to sleep because of a reason I still don't understand and probably never will. I am real sorry this happened and whathurts me most is that his owner was somebody I considered as a dear friend

R.I.P Kalusha, Barry & Viggo

From now we hope to be able to bring more cheerful news.