"van Oxymoron"

Podenco Ibicenco


We do not breed very often, we only want to breed when we have enough suitable new puppy owners on our waiting list. 

As we want the best homes for our puppies you will be send a questionnaire you have to fill in, after those first contacts we decide if we want you as a new owner of one of our pups, of course you also have to decide if you want us to be the breeder of your pup ;-) And you can ask us anything you want about our breeding philosophy and our dogs !

Buying a puppy from us, kind of means you become our family.
This means we stay in contact for at least the whole life of the dog, and you keep us posted on the well being of the dog. On the other hand, we will be there for your dog no matter what, where or when.

The dogs that we use in our breeding should be eye tested clear be for breeding, this test should not be older then 12 months. We also demand this eye test for your female in case you are interested to use one of our males as stud.

Puppies are raised in our home with our other dogs, and all the other stuff going on in and around our house. We do our best to give the pups the best start they can get, once you get your puppy it is up to you , but we will be there always for you for advice and help.


For 2017 we MIGHT be breeding a smooth litter,  this time Abby will be the mother, father has not been decided yet. But for more information please feel free to email us: 

For 2018 we might have wire puppy plans

If you are seriously interested in a puppy from our breeding and are able to give one of our puppies a loving and active permanent home, and are patient to wait for a puppy, feel free to contact us.

We only breed when we have enough proven serious future puppy owners on our waitinglist.


0031623922419 ( mobile phone )