"van Oxymoron"

Podenco Ibicenco

"The Cure"litter

D.O.B: 26 may 2007  
3 males, 8 females

ch.Benjique Jose Royo of Anharbn "Sebastian" x ch. Rosenhill's Centifolia Blanche Fleur "Solar" 

Our first ibizan hound litter

ch. Lovecats v Oxymoron "Kiki"  exp.Finland to Arvo Hyytia & Arja Pellinen kennel Snout.

ch. Halo v Oxymoron "Cyclonus" our keeper , more on him on his own page ;-)

Just Like Heaven v Oxymoron "Danne" lives with my friend Kitty and her daughters,  in NL and sister Hayley lives there too :-)

Lullaby v Oxymoron "Sebrina" lives in the UK with Jill Morris and brother Sebson, kennel Anharbn.

ch. Hot Hot Hot v. Oxymoron "Pentah" lives all the way Down Under with Nerida Gontar , Pentah had a beautiful litter for Birrarun Kennel down there.

Icing Sugar v Oxymoron "Sugar" lives in the UK with Ben and Rachel Benstead, Sugar has won 1 CC and 1 res.CC which means she is pointed towards UK ch.

Purple Haze v Oxymoron "Pippa" lives in NL with fam.Lugtenburg

ch. Just Say Yes v Oxymoron "Smitthy" , our female keeper, more on her on her own page :-)

Jupiter Crash v Oxymoron "Jupi", lives in Czech with Hana Hofmanova and family :-)

jch. Anharbn Sebson v Oxymoron "Sebson" lives in the UK with sister Sebrina and Jill Morris , kennel Anharbn. Sebson is proud father of a beautiful litter for the Snowlief kennel

Hello I Love You v Oxymoron "Hayley" lives in NL with sister Danne and Kitty and her daughters Nennah and Moisha. We had to rehome Hayley after very misunfortunate happenings to her previous owners, I am very happy Nennah took her under her wings :-)

Pedigree of the puppies:

Ch. Benjique Jose Royo of Anharbn

W'05, W'06

ch.Paran Chasing Gold for Benjique

Ch.Talkaccatur Wildfire at Canequiss

Ch. Paran Christmas Holly

Benjique Lady Sophia

Ch.Talkaccatur Wildfire at Canequiss

Ch.Puljon Lady Penelope

Ch. Rosenhill’s Centifolia Blanche Fleur

W'05, BS '06, JHS


Clavel dell Gallinero de Suttcott


Filigrana el Gallinero

Gallina IX El gallinero

ch.Rosenhill’s Unique Evita

Ch. Future Belleza Querido

First Dynastys Adrenaline