"van Oxymoron"

Podenco Ibicenco

Kalo Skilos Roses Poetry in Motion

Kalo Skilos Rose Poetry In Motion

                 "Twinkie" CW'16 , BDS'16 , Herbstsiegerin'16

Clavel El Gallinero x Rosenhill's Jacquenetta

D.O.B 23-03-2015

* Clubwinner 2016
* Bundessiegerin 2016
* Herbstsiegerin 2016
* pointed for Dutch junior and Dutch champion
* pointed for German junior VDH + DWZRV champion
* pointed for German VDH + DWZRV champion
* pointed for Dutch champion
* pointed for International champion
* Crufts qualification 2017

We will not be able to finish her junior titles because she has reached the age of 18 months already and we did not have time to do more shows then the 3 we did.